Proton Origins - Professional Stencil Primer - 200ml / 6.8Oz.

  • The strongest Stencil on the market. 15 hours without deleting. GUARANTEED
  • Original liquid formulation
  • The stencil does not peel or expand.
  • With dispenser.
  • Used for years by the best artists in America. Unique formulation
  • Made in Spain. 100% original

Proton Origins Professional Stencil Primer is the original liquid formula, the first that Protón created, which has resurfaced due to the demand for a more liquid stencil for some artists.

Proton Origins Professional Stencil Primer emerged in Medellin (Colombia) by a group of artists trying to improve what already exists, seeing that the tattoo stencils were erased from their skin, resulting in Proton Professional Stencil Primer, the strongest Stencil ever created and tested. in thousands of skins, with a unique formulation and a duration of more than 15 hours on the skin.

Proton Origins Professional Stencil Primer is a liquid stencil, which when placed on the skin and expanded, you see how it quickly spreads and the stencil sticks on it in an exceptional way, not creating bags and avoiding the expansion of the stencil due to its masterful formulation.

Proton Origins Professional Stencil Primer is manufactured in Spain under the strictest sanitary standards, based on its original Colombian master formulation. with the best ingredients available making tattoo transfer perfectly sharp, clean and detailed.

If it is necessary to remove the template from the skin, you can use Proton Remover, a sanitizer of excellent quality that serves both to clean the skin before applying the Stencil and to remove it completely.

200ml / 6.8 Oz