Liquid Solidifier Proton - 250ml / 8.3 Oz.

  • Liquid solidifier of the highest quality on the market.
  • Avoids spillage of liquids on the tattoo table.
  • More hygienic needle cleaning procedure without mixing colors.
  • Used for years by the best artists in America.
  • 100% original

Proton Liquid Solidifier is a top quality liquid solidifier that quickly and cleanly converts any liquid into a solid. 

Proton Liquid Solidifier is designed to be used for the safe and easy removal of any liquid, for example, in needle cleaning cups or ink cups to prevent it from spilling and wetting the entire tattoo table.

How to use

  • Add 2 teaspoons of Proton Liquid Solidifier needle cleaning cup.
  • Clean the needle by pouring pressurized water through the hole in the tip and dropping it through the tip into the cup.
  • Watch how the fast acting powder converts your liquids to solids.
  • Dispose properly in accordance with all hygienic-sanitary legislations.

Proton Liquid Solidifier is a safe, non-toxic, liquid powder.

250ml / 8.3 Oz.