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Proton Origins - Medicinal Filante Vaseline SD-58 - 1000ml


Vaseline Filante Medicinal SD-58. The most advanced and special filante Vaseline for tattooing. 1000ml

  • - Processed in our laboratory, creating an even finer Vaseline.
  • - The highest quality so that the skin has great flexibility and protects it against ink stains.
  • - Hermetic and durable container.
  • - White and odorless.

Proton's SD-58 Medicinal Filante Vaseline is not a simple filante vaseline, but a vaseline for tattoo artists.

It was one of our first products after our stencil more than 8 years ago, with our unique treatment we guarantee a petroleum jelly of the highest existing quality.

Two sizes available. 34 oz / 1000ml and 17 oz / 500ml.