Proton Cristal Pink - Mixer - 250ml / 8.5 Oz.

  • Color and Black pigment disperser.
  • Same texture as ink
  • Brings colors to life, leaving them bright..
  • Used by the best artists in the world.

Proton Cristal Blue - Mixer is a diluent of inks valid for Color and also for Blacks.

Proton Cristal Blue - Mixer disperses the pigments like no other to make soft or strong shadows depending on the amount of diluent we apply to our ink cups.

Proton Cristal Blue - Mixer is manufactured in Spain under the strictest sanitary standards, based on its Colombian master formulation. with the best available ingredients, while tattooing soothes the skin, and prevents bleeding and redness.

Proton Cristal Blue - Mixer has the same texture as ink which makes it enter the skin in an exceptional way.

Two sizes available. 3.4 oz / 100ml with which you can travel and 8.5 oz / 250ml to have in your studio for daily use.


INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Water Roses, Glycerin, Alcohol, C.I. 42090

CPNP: 3319878